The Sunday After (The Napa Valley Vintners Auction -- 2006)

The Sunday After (The Napa Valley Vintners Auction -- 2006)

by Monty & Sara Preiser, 07/01/06


The Sunday After

One of the wonderful things about attending the Napa Valley Vintners Auction weekend was the opportunity to visit some outstanding wineries on the “Sunday after.” These businesses not only open their doors for Auction participants and special customers, but it is frequently the proprietors themselves that meet, greet, and usually pour some of their best wines. We salute some those who added to a unique weekend by allowing us to sample their wares. Sunday was indeed the finale to a quite remarkable weekend.




Perhaps the vintner who offered the most notable experience of the day was Delia Viader, crafter of some of the most recognized and sought after Reds in Napa. On this Sunday Delia was clearly in her element as lovers of her wines crowded the hill top property to taste all she offers. And that is hardly an exaggeration on this occasion. We began with a stunning vertical covering 1989 – 2003 of her signature “Viader,” which blends Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc in varying percentages. We don’t report anything new by telling you all these wines are superb and exhibited the elegant style and bold fruit for which Viader is lauded. The only problem was that you had to be a fast taster to get through these samplings in time to do anything else that day.

Delia also makes a Petite Verdot (with touches of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc) called “V.” It is deep purple in color with tannins that are not for the squeamish, and well reflects the power of the varietal. We sampled a vertical from 1998 - 03.

Also available was the 2003 DARE Cabernet Franc, which is a 100% varietal, ages on the lees for six months, and shows wonderful red plums and East Indian tastes. Finally, Delia showed off her newest creation, the 2003 DARE Tempranillo, which is 80% Tempranillo and 20% Cabernet Franc. We have written positively in the past about Viader’s delving into the most prominent Spanish grape.


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