Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & PayPal FAQ's

For ordering assistance, please call (707) 963-3816 ext. 103 or email Valaree (at)

Shipping Questions:

1.  When will my package ship? 

Please allow one business day for order processing. In order to guarantee proper temperature control of the wine during shipping, we only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This shipping policy ensures that the wine is delivered by Friday and is not stored in a non-temperature controlled warehouse over a weekend period. We do not process or ship orders on weekends or holidays. 

2.  When will my package arrive? 

Please allow one business day for processing.  FedEx offers Priority and Standard Overnight (1-Day Air), 2-Day Air, Express Saver (3-Day Air/Truck), and Ground shipping services.  The delivery time for Ground shipping varies by location.  Please consult the Ground Service Map image to estimate the delivery time for your region. 

3.  How will it ship?  

We use FedEx Express and FedEx Ground services for all web orders.  Please call the winery at (707) 963-3816 to inquire about using UPS, or to provide your own FedEx account information to cover shipping costs. All shipments require a signature from an adult at least 21 years of age upon delivery. Because proof of age will be required at time of delivery, no wines will be left on porches and/or doorsteps. Whenever possible, a business address is preferred.  We can also ship to FedEx-Kinko's locations.  Please inquire with your local FedEx-Kinko's location if they offer this service. 

4.  Will I receive a Tracking Number? 

Yes, once your order is processed and a shipping label is created, you will receive a FedEx Notification Email with your tracking number and relevant information.  To track a package online using your Tracking Number, go to:

5.  For a gift, can I enclose a Gift Card? 

At Checkout, you may enter Gift Card text into the Additional Comments section.  You may also mail your own personalized card to the winery to include with the shipment, however this may cause an added delay in delivery. 

6.  I am a VIADER Wine Club member, how do I order?

At this time the website does not recognize the special shipping benefits for VIADER Wine Club members (view Wine Club benefits).  Please call (707) 963-3816 ext. 103 or email your order directly to Valaree or someone at the winery.  If your Wine Club account information is current, you do NOT need to provide a credit card with your phone or direct email order.  

VIADER Wine Club members can add wines to their already scheduled wine shipments.  However, for delivery in between scheduled shipments, please note that standard shipping rates do apply.  Please contact Valaree at (707) 963-3816 ext. 103 or email Valaree (at) for more information, or to add to your shipment via email. 


PayPal Concerns: 

1.  My PayPal order confirmation shows an incorrect Shipping Address (matches my Billing Address).

Please do not worry.  We DO receive your correct Shipping Address entered into the Shopping Cart, and we do not take the information from the PayPal receipt.  We receive the Shipping Address entered online before you leave the site to process payment via PayPal.  For reasons beyond our control, the email confirmation sent from PayPal is set to display your Billing Address as the Shipping Address.  We do not control the settings for this email confirmation, and PayPal has not resolved the issue. 

2.  Do I have to create a PayPal account before completing my order? 

PayPal gives you the option of using the site as a "Guest."  You can enter your credit card directly and avoid creating an account. 

3.  I prefer not to use PayPal, is there another way to confirm payment for my Web Order? 

Yes, after selecting your shipping option, you may select "Offline Payment."  Click on the "Complete Order" button and you will instantly receive an email summary with your Order Number.  Please call (707) 963-3816 ext. 103 to provide your payment information, or send us your credit card information via Fax to (707) 963-3817.  Payment can also be mailed to: 

1120 Deer Park Road
Deer Park, CA  94576

Please be sure to always reference your Order Number when providing payment.  Your order will not be processed until payment has been received. 


Thank you for your support of VIADER wines. 

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